Hello everyone. I just wanted to quickly give some news on the new ownership change and what we're planning for the future. We'll leave the introductions and such to a bit later, Blazing and I will be working on getting a blog up on the website which will introduce us and go over more of the plans that we have for Etheria. Rest assured though, we are not dead and we are quite far from it. We are planning on releasing Etheria sometime during December, with a quick beta to begin with followed by an open beta which will basically deem the server as 'always being open'. However, more information on this will be in the blog post. The current state of the server is progressing really well as well, we're practically at where we want to be we're just doing some internal testing with our staff members and adding some QoL improvements here and there. I hope this clears things up a bit for everyone, we're extremely excited for the future and to get to know this community well. We'll have the blog post ready next week with our introductions, more in depth plans of the future of Etheria, our plans for advertisements and more!

- ConstructorLeo