Hi all, it's time for an update regarding Etheria.

After doing a few test seasons and pre-releases we decided it'd be best if we publicly released Etheria with all the new features that our team wants and that everyone else would want, such as a new map, sieges, a battle pass and more.

We've been hard at work on these new features over these last few months, each are quite far into the development cycle but by no means ready. Now that exam season has started up across the US and Europe, our 3 developers; Luca, Ark and Blazing no longer have the time to continue development. With that being said, for the time being we will be pausing development of Etheria until exam season is over in which we'll ramp development up again and get Etheria released in a timely manner, so that'd probably be during the next holiday's.

It's important to us to release a polished and finished game that is bug free, we don't want to release something that has nothing new compared to the pre-release or during the time it was publicly open in 2020. It wouldn't make sense to release Etheria now as it'd just cause more issues and require more development time that'd further delay all the updates we want to bring to the public release - we basically don't want Etheria to become Cyberpunk 2077.

To everyone else who is currently going through exams, I wish you the best of luck on them!

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