It's finally time! We can now start discussing release dates, starting with a Closed Beta for our donator ranks.

Mark your calendars, get out your fighting gear because starting on Saturday 28th of August (in just 4 days) we'll be entering closed beta! We'll be hosting two seasons for all of our donators to play on! As we get closer to the date we'll reveal more information on what time both seasons will start.

Let's quickly establish some things that you'll need to keep in mind for closed beta:

  • Data will be reset after closed beta, none of your data will be stored going into open beta.
  • You will have any weapons you purchased but they'll be at level 0.
  • You won't be able to buy cosmetics, battle passes or coins during the closed beta, only ranks.

Why only make closed beta available to donator ranks?

We understand this can be a bit annoying for non-ranked players, however, we want to make sure Etheria is in a perfect state before opening it to the players. We need a smaller audience to help test everything before doing an open beta and we feel our donators deserve to help us do closed tests!

Want to participate in the closed beta?

Buy yourself a donator rank on our store, you'll get immediate access to joining in on our closed beta.

That's it for this blog post! We can't wait to see some of you join us on the 28th for the official closed beta, stay tuned for more information regarding a time!

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