Etheria is a nation-style gamemode with a unique, custom-built map, in which 4 nations reside. Players choose one of four ancient nations to fight for during each season, lasting around 8 hours. This is done by besieging and eventually capturing the other nations in large scale nation vs nation warfare.

Scattered across the map are outposts, which are all based on real-life locations. These outposts all feature a specific ore, allowing players to upgrade their gear. During the season, nations can capture outposts by besieging them, an intricate system with several custom-made blocks and items. Once an outpost is captured, players of the nation that captured it can teleport to said outpost and mine the ores there. They can then use these ores to craft better armour, sell for in game currency, or keep them safely away from any trouble in their personal house; where they can add friends, relax after a battle.

During seasons, players may buy and sell items with the built-in currency. However, to have progression between seasons, there is an XP system in place - rewarding players for winning seasons, capturing outposts, killing enemies, and more. This XP is used to upgrade "special" weapons-- unique, 3D modelled weapons, each with different buffs and abilities, that can be summoned every 5 minutes to aid you in battle.

Finally, to improve the organization of these vast battles, leaders are elected hourly to coordinate their nation. This means that players will know where they are rallying and fighting, and when to retreat and attack. This makes the battles more of a group effort, rather than a disorganized, sprawling struggle.