About Etheria

Etheria is a nations-style gamemode. With a unique, custom-built map, 4 nations reside. Players choose one of these medieval nations to fight for during the around 4 days season, by sieging and capturing the other nations in huge nation fights.

Scattered across the map are outposts (also based on real medieval areas) which can be captured during the season. Once an outpost is captured, players can teleport there - with each outpost having a different ore, allowing the players to create better gear. They can use this for battles or store this in their personal house; where they can add friends, return after a battle, and customise.

During seasons, players may buy and sell items with money. However, to have player progression between seasons, there is an XP system in place - rewarding players for winning, capturing, killing, etc. This XP is used to upgrade our "special" weapons, a unique, huge range of custom-built weapons - which can be summoned every 5 minutes.

This distinctive gamemode (unparalleled by anything else) focuses on creating huge team battles, often with horse fights (which players use for quick travel). Finally, to enhance these vast battles between nations, we have elections where leaders are selected hourly to coordinate their nation, conquer the other nations, and lead their one to victory.